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Our inclusive service eases the process from clean out, to listing and selling the home. Every job is different. A few ways we can help:

  • If a property is part of an estate and the new homeowner is feeling overwhelmed, we can run an on-site estate sale to
    liquidate the estate and quickly get everything sold.

  • If a homeowner is living with a lot of “stuff” we can assist with downsizing efforts to make the property more marketable.

  • If a homeowner is moving to a smaller place, we can plan and coordinate their downsizing efforts in advance of the move.

  • If a family is moving a loved one into assisted living, we can help coordinate downsizing efforts required in that kind of move.

  • Depending on an evaluation, we could purchase an entire estate from a homeowner – yes, that means everything in the house if needed.

  • Regardless of the situation, we will do 100% of the work so the homeowner can sit back and focus on more important
    things like family.

When Room-2-Room is done with its work, the property will be ready to be sold.




Room-2-Room is owned and operated by a licensed real estate agent (with Senior Real Estate Specialist Certification) and a licensed auctioneer. Let us help you sell!


We know some sellers need more support than others. Selling a home is an art and nothing can be left to chance. Whether moving across town, settling a deceased loved one’s estate, or just in need of help organizing and downsizing, we can help.


Because every situation is different, Room-2-Room offers a variety of payment option, including, in some situations, an option to pay nothing! Sometimes, we will work for stuff we clean out. 

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