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Reclaim your space! Room-2-Room has the expertise and flexibility to handle everything from a small organizing job to a full-scale estate liquidation. When it comes to downsizing, we are your one-stop shop.


We understand that no two jobs are alike, which means we approach each and every job with a custom strategy. Whether moving across town, settling a deceased loved one’s estate, or needing help organizing and downsizing, our team is here to help make it happen. Our services are affordable. In some situations, we even have an option where you pay nothing and we will work for the stuff we clean out!

There are a variety of ways Room-2-Room services can be used to assist with your downsizing or estate-management needs. Since each job is different, here are a few ways we can help you reclaim your space:

  • If you are managing an estate and feel overwhelmed, we can run an on-site estate sale for you to liquidate the estate and get everything sold

  • If you are a homeowner living with a lot of “stuff,” we can assist with downsizing efforts helping you get rid of things you no longer need or want

  • If you are moving to a smaller place, we can help plan and coordinate your downsizing efforts in advance of the move

  • If you or a loved one are moving into assisted living, we can help coordinate downsizing efforts required in that kind of move

  • Depending on an evaluation, we could purchase an entire estate from you – yes, that means everything in the house

Regardless of your situation, we will do 100% of the work so you can sit back and focus on more important things like family.





and everything

else, too.

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